What is SOGEA?

SOGEA is the next great shake up in Broadband. But what does it stand for, and what does it do? Read our blog to find out.

What is SOGEA?

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is a new product which enables providers to order Fibre Broadband - without a phone line.

Up until now, to deliver broadband you need to have a traditional phone line installed and then standard Broadband (ADSL) or Fibre Broadband (FTTC) installed on top of it.

However, most people only have this phone line because it is necessary for their broadband to work.

With the advancement and cost effectiveness of mobile handsets and VoIP, and the nationwide rollout of full fibre networks, there is less and less requirement for old copper phone services - which will become obsolete from 2025.

What are the benefits of SOGEA?

Due to the single service deployment, SoGEA is roughly 50% quicker to install and comes with lower installation and rental costs - compared to that of a Phone Line/FTTC or ordering scenario.

Fault resolution times are also shortened, since you only need to provide one support call to your provider, delivering a much more efficient service.

Delivered via fibre optic, thus reduces the reliance on ageing copper network.

On the flip side, SoGEA doesn’t offer any access to the voice network, so it’s important to remember if you need/want a voice service you’ll need to an additional line or VoIP product.

Does SOGEA perform better than FTTC?

SOGEA provides exactly the same speed as the current Superfast Fibre FTTC Broadband services, however, in some cases you may receive a better performance since there is no call traffic that can interfere with the integrity of the service.

Service speeds are dependent on your location. Contact us on 0191 4198181 or email info@teamsirius.co.uk to check availability.