What is Hosted Voice?

The Future of Communications is changing, read more about Hosted Voice, and how it could help you.

What is Hosted Voice?  

Hosted Voice is where all the features and functionality of the VoIP service is stored within the handset itself, with all of the hosting and management carried out by the cloud service provider and paid for by you on a subscription basis.

You can take your handset anywhere with a data connection and use it; plug and play technology.

The phones themselves usually come in two forms.

Most look very much like the traditional desktop business phone or coreless handset, with all of the usual features — speakerphone, hold and transfer buttons, multi-caller functions, etc.

Some even allow for video conferencing which comes in useful for demos, sales pitches, or just providing a human face to communication.

The other option is “softphones” which are software-based applications installed on computers and/or mobile devices. Softphones offer the same full functionality as the desktop phones, and often have instant messaging capability, presence and videoconferencing embedded.

Why choose Hosted Voice?  

Hosted VoIP Handsets have a plethora of features available to users and often utilising a pick and mix model. Hosted Voice allows you to order the services you need and leave behind the services you don’t; thus, selecting features and bolt on services to suit the individual needs of the employee.

With online account interfaces available for the user and management, fine-tuning and monitoring is easy.

Cost is based on a per user basis with the handset, licence and call bundle often rolled into one, this can often suit smaller businesses not looking for an initial upfront cost to deploy a new solution and those with a mix of staff requirements.

Hosted VoIP, can often come with an allocated amount of free UK calls per user, per month and offers call analytic software and integration with Outlook, Google, Teams & a number of CRM’s.

Finally, the ability to upscale is relatively easy, so long as you have spare network points available within your premises, additional phones can be ordered and can be despatched ready to ‘plug and play’ in as little as a week, - no more waiting for engineer appointments or expensive installations on site.

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