What is the Great British Switch Off?

What is the Great British Switch off? and how can you make sure you're ready?

What is the Great British Switch Off?

We’re all familiar with the copper telephone network - also known as the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

But in 2017, BT announced that it was coming to end of life, and plans were made to switch it off.

Come December 2025 the copper network will cease to exist, and everyone using PSTN based voice or broadband services will need to move.

What is the Alternative? 

Over the next few years, consumers will be urged to move any PSTN based broadband (ADSL/FTTC) to full fibre alternatives (SOGEA, FTTP or Leased Line).

Anyone using PSTN based voice services (also known as, traditional phone lines) will be asked to migrate to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), a solution that transmits voice calls using an internet connection.

Switch Off Timeline

November 2017 - BT makes announcement of its intention to switch off the copper network

December 2020 - The first exchange 'stop sell' comes into effect in Salisbury. Customers here can no longer order, or amend, PSTN based services

October 2021 - By the end of October, almost 170 exchanges will have been added to the 'stop sell'

December 2022 - The PSTN network will be switched off completely in Salisbury

December 2023 - UK Stop Sell. Customers across the whole UK will not be able to order new PSTN or ISDN lines

December 2025 - UK End of Life. The PSTN will be switched off completely

If you are unsure about the switch off, or want to check your options, get in touch with the Sirius Team today