UK Broadband Speeds on the Rise

Average download speeds increased by a quarter last year!

According to new Ofcom Research, average download speeds increased by a quarter last year.

Ofcom’s UK Home Broadband Performance research looks into the actual broadband speeds achieved by a sample of households across the UK during November 2020.

The research includes data on download and upload speeds, performance by connection type and comparisons between urban and rural broadband speeds.

The latest figures show:

Broadband speeds continue to improve

The average download speed of UK residential fixed broadband services was 80.2Mbit/s - an increase of 25% from 2019 when the average download speed was 64Mbit/s.

Upload speeds increase by more than half

Average upload speeds increased by 54% to 21.6 Mbit/s, as more households upgraded to faster services.

Higher upload speeds can help improve people’s experience of video calls, gaming and sending large files when working from home.

Rural households still get slower broadband

… but the gap is narrowing.  While average speeds in rural areas remain lower than in towns and cities, 60% of rural households could get superfast speeds of over 30Mbit/s during peak hours of the day.

The figures are greatly helped by the growing availability and take-up of faster broadband packages.

If you’re struggling with slow speeds, speak to the team to see if you can upgrade today!