SOTAP is a new product designed to replace ADSL connections as they become end of life

The Great British Switch off

You’re probably aware of the The Great British Switch off - the BT led program which will see their old copper network turned off.
The current phase is the “stop sell” of analogue products.  Which means no new lines (including shifts and upgrades), no new ADSL and no new FTTC services.

So, what is the alternative?

For most, replacement products based on FTTP and SOGEA are ready to order now, allowing businesses to migrate to an “all IP” network ahead of the switch off in 2025.
This, however, is not going to be the case for users where fibre has not yet been installed, and for this reason a temporary replacement for ADSL is being developed.

What is SOTAP?

SOTAP (Single Order Transitional Access Product, or Single Order Temporary Access Product) has been developed to serve areas where there aren’t any fibre products available.  
The product has been created to deliver a path between the network terminating equipment (NTE) at a customers' premises and the main distribution point or jumper frame at the exchange, helping Openreach to withdraw Wholesale Line Rental (WLR).
It will require minimal engineering and it will allow customers who reside outside of Openreach's fibre coverage area to retain services during the switch off.
In theory SOTAP will offer speeds up to 17Mb and, as defined in its name, is meant to be temporary until complete fibre roll out.
SOTAP will be used to provide internet protocol (IP) phone services. However, the services will be optional and will go over the top of the broadband line via VoIP products.

When will SOTAP be available?

Openreach will seek to move to the Early Market Deployment Launch phase of the strategy in Q1, 2024. This would reportedly be followed by SOTAP seeing a full commercial launch.

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