The Advantages of VoIP

Hosted Voice offers business communications with the latest services and applications - all delivered from the Cloud. Read more about its advantages here.

Hosted Voice

Unlike PBX systems (SIP), hosted Voice uses entirely Cloud based technology. This allows higher quality voice and data to be transmitted through a single Internet connection, rather than through on-site PBX technology.

The Advantages

Hosted is an attractive and in-demand solution for businesses of all sizes. Versatile and adaptable, it can meet unique requirements and is able to grow as your company changes.

Low Cost

Generally, VoIP systems are much cheaper than traditional phone systems. There is less hardware to purchase, and no need to host your own telephone system on site, bringing an end to costly hardware part replacement and engineering time.

Free Calling Plans

Most VoIP services come with free minute bundles for UK Calling, with all employees utilising the same VoIP service able to call each other free of charge, this is called ‘on-network’ calling

Improved Collaboration

Unified Communications (UC) capabilities, such as instant messaging, presence, video calling. Video conferencing options available allow for salespeople to run demos and pitches with the same ease and low cost, as voice communications from wherever is most convenient or effective, saving on both time and travel.

Work from anywhere

Frees you and your employees from the constraints of a physical office location, your team can stay connected via their desktop handset, PC, tablet, or smartphone, from anywhere with a data connection by utilising a softphone application. You can set these apps to ring simultaneously with an office phone. Apps can even function as a standalone extension.

Feature Rich

Enjoy an abundance of features including Call Recording, Music on Hold, Auto Attendant (IVR), Reception Clients, CRM Integration, Wall boards and more.

Highly Resilient

Built-in resilience and security, significantly reducing the risks of damaging downtime

Plug and play technology

Easy setup & maintenance, plug and play technology. Handsets are pre-configured ready to use before delivery.


VoIP offers great flexibility when upscaling, as licenses and handsets or number of concurrent calls and therefore, SIP channels can be easily added too, without a heavy cost outlay or a wait for engineer availability. VoIP service expansion is as simple and inexpensive as purchasing another certified phone with plug-and-play capability, ensuring your concurrent call volume still meets your needs and/or deploying a softphone to an existing desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Keep your number

Retain your existing numbers when you move to VoIP or choose new numbers from anywhere in the UK, no matter where you are based nationally.

Stay ahead of the game

Future proof your business ahead of the PSTN switch off in 2025 (stop sell 2023)

If you are unsure about the switch off, or want to check your options with regards to VoIP, get in touch with the Sirius Team today.