Remote IT Support

The Benefits of Remote IT Support, from Sirius

Remote IT Support

Having a knowledgeable IT team to support your business is extremely important and many businesses are finding that remote IT support provides a much quicker solution to key issues that they experience.

Working with Sirius, gives you direct access to a technician, who can remotely log onto the devices you are having problems with using the internet, allowing swift investigation, diagnostics and, ultimately, a fix.  

Whether the issue is hardware or software, problems can be resolved quickly and effectively without having to wait on engineers travelling to site.

Remote IT support is proven to be a more efficient & cost effective way of problem solving, but there are also some other reasons why Sirius’ IT support could be beneficial to your business.

Remote IT Support, from Sirius



Remote IT support can save your business money.

Having dedicated on-site IT teams at each of your locations or having to call out an IT professional every time you have an IT issue can be extremely expensive. Remote IT support from Sirius ensures a high quality of service but with much lower costs.



Our remote IT support technicians are ready and available and no matter where your business is based our support team is ready to respond to any issues as soon as they are raised.



With Sirius’ Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tools, it is often the case that our technician will have caught an issue before you even became aware of it.  Meaning your problem could be on the way to being resolved before you’ve logged a ticket.

Business growth

If expansion is on the cards and new locations are to be added to your areas remote IT support means you do not have to have a dedicated IT team in each of these locations – your current team will be able to connect with the new offices, remotely, so scaling up is seamless and sustainable no matter where you go.


For minor problems, our remote IT team will help users to understand the issue and will fix it in front of them, on-screen.  This gives the user the opportunity to view the fix process and learn how to fix the issue again, should it arise.

At Sirius, our IT support includes: remote and onsite IT support, proactive monitoring and maintenance, Microsoft Certified engineers and competitive service packages.

If remote IT support is a service you are considering and would like to discuss in more detail we would love to hear from you. Click here to leave your details, and a member of the team will get back to you, alternatively, contact us using the details below.