Reboot vs Reset: What's the Difference?

Are reset and reboot the same thing?

Reboot vs Reset: What's the Difference?

Reboot and reset sound pretty similar, but technically speaking, they are very different.


Rebooting a device restarts it. By rebooting, you're turning the power to something off and back on without a change in settings.

Rebooting a compter or router can resolve a whole host of problems, such as slow application response or a brief disconnect in connectivity (the Internet).  

To perform a reboot: Press and hold the Power button on the router, or computer to physically turn off the power of the system. After about 30 seconds, you can then turn the device back on.

Alternatively, disconnect the power cable or, switch the power off at the plug socket to power down the device.

Router Reboot vs Reset


Resetting a device (computer, IP Phone, or Router) means to revert back to the status when it was first purchased. Rebooting your kit doesn't change things, but a reset will erase any saved configuration or data.

Therefore, reset is often called a factory reset. It will wipe apps and settings and reinstall the system to factory status.

We strongly recommend you only reset a device under the instruction, or guidance, of an IT engineer.

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