Phishing, Vishing and Smishing

Cyber crime can take many forms. We detail some of the common scams and give advice on what you can look out for

Cyber crime, and what you can do to prevent it

As technology advances, and our use of it grows, so does cyber crime and the way criminals capitalise on vulnerable security systems for their own gain.

Cyber crime can take many forms, but here we explore some of the more common scams.


Phishing is a form of social engineering where attackers attempt to acquire sensitive data through a fraudulent email. The perpetrator will often masquerade as a legitimate business or reputable person, deceiving the email recipient in an attempt to get them to reveal sensitive information, make a payment, or download malware.

Look out for:

- Incorrect sender email addresses (which may be similar to that of the person, or organisation).

- Links that don't go to official websites.

- Spelling or grammar errors.


Vishing, or voice phishing, is a cyber crime whereby the perpetrator uses a phone service to steal personal, confidential information from victims or get them to pay for services.

Look out for:

- Withheld or unknown telephone numbers

- "Robocalls" - Automated services which prompt you to press buttons

- Callers who give you a different number to call back on (be particularly wary of premium '09' numbers)


Whilst most people are familiar with email and phone scams, there is a new form of scam on the rise. Smishing, or "SMS Phishing", refers to online crime whereby a text message is used to lure the victim.

The message sender may be disguised as a family member, or friend asking for help, or a notification of a package delivery. The goal of the message is to steal personal information, or to install malware onto the mobile device.

Look out for:

- The telephone number of the 'sender'

- Unprompted messages in the form of text, or from WhatsApp or Facebook

- Messages which ask you to do something (pay money, or click a link)

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