Panasonic Phone Systems Discontinued

Panasonic have decided to discontinue their Business Communication range. If you are a Panasonic PBX user, read on to find out what this means for you.

Panasonic Phone Systems Discontinued

Panasonic decided to discontinue its Business Communication range of products in 2020, a decision which will affect the Panasonic PBX phone system, SIP telephones and products in the scanner category.

The discontinuation was given a time frame of 2 years, so if you’re a customer of the company, this means it’s time to look for an alternative business telephone.

Why are the Panasonic PBX phone systems being discontinued?

Panasonic is known for a wide range of products that are sold globally.  While several factors forced the firm to discontinue its Panasonic business phone system, the primary reason is that it was not the company’s focus area.

When are the phone systems being discontinued?

The company had announced that it would be discontinuing the Panasonic PBX phone system in December 2020. The process would be completed in two years from the date of the announcement. So, the system would be effectively discontinued by the end of 2022.

After this, it will be difficult to get replacement parts for the phones, and existing users may have trouble maintaining services.  Hence, businesses still using the system should search for alternatives over the coming months.

What can I do if my business currently uses a Panasonic phone system?

Panasonic's decision to discontinue their PBX offering serves as a timely reason to consider cloud-based solutions.  The future of telephony lies in hosted phone systems which prove to be more cost-effective and agile than older telecoms services.

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