Most Hacked Passwords Revealed

A sneak peek of some of the most hacked passwords. Is yours on the list?

Most Hacked Passwords Revealed

As technology advances, and our use of it grows, cyber security becomes even more crucial to homes and businesses across the UK. One of the most common ways to keep your devices, and accounts, safe is through the use of passwords.

Despite the increase in cyber crime, hacking rates continue to rise, and most people become victims because they don't create passwords that are unique, hard to guess, and secure.

Top 20 Most Used Passwords in the World

Below is a list of the top 20 most used passwords across english speaking countries:

In 2019 the NCSC released a comprehensive list of the most guessed passwords in the UK, you can see if yours features by clicking here.

Note: Many of the passwords analyzed in these reports would not be allowed to be used by sites that have password strength checks in place.

Password Trends

Numeric patterns are worldwide favorites when it comes to creating a weak, easy-to-guess password. Increasing patterns (e.g. 123456) or repetitive numbers (e.g. 111111) could be observed in 8 out of the top 10.

The word 'password' and other slight variations of the word are also very popular.

Some other common words and phrases such as "letmein", "princess" and "superman" , all appear high in the list.

How to improve password strength

Follow our guide, to improve password strength and increse security.

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