How Fast Will my Internet Be?

When it comes to Broadband, everyone has the need for speed, but how fast can you expect your Internet to be?

The speed of your connection will be affected by several criteria.

Each time your router connects it will negotiate with your local exchange for the best speed that it feels your line can handle at that moment.

Although there are various things that can affect speed, there are three main contributing factors:

The main factor is the length of your phone line, impacted by the distance of your premises from the local cab or exchange. A long phone line weakens the broadband signal and reduces the maximum speed that your line can achieve.


The second factor is interference. Phone lines can act as aerials and will pickup general  radio interference and the signals from other lines. The degree to which this will impact your connection varies from area to area and from line to line.
It can also be made worse by your internal wiring, extensions, poor quality microfilters or other devices that you have connected to your phone line.


On Net/Off Net
The third factor is whether you are On Net or Off Net. On Net connections use a supplier’s direct network within your local exchange.  
If you are classed as ‘Off Net’ you lease your connection from BT Wholesale. As such this limits suppliers to the terms of the service and systems that they provide.


Other factors that can impact speed include: the chosen product, the number of devices using the connection at the same time, whether a wireless or wired connection is used, the speed of the websites visited and time of day(speeds can be lower at peak times)   Our orders team will be able to provide an estimate for the expected performance of your line prior to ordering based on your location and the performance of other lines in your area.

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