The FTTP Priority Exchange Programme

What is the FTTP Priority Exchange Rollout?

The Switch Off

The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will reach its end of life in December 2025. At this time it will, effectively, be 'switched off'.

The Switch Off consists of two concurrently running projects:

The WLR Withdrawal - which covers the withdrawal of analogue phone services (PSTN, ISDN) and copper broadband (ADSL, FTTC) - and the Full Fibre Priority Exchange Programme.

What is the FTTP Priority Exchange Programme?

There will be a blanket stop sell point (currently scheduled for September 2023), after which PSTN based products will no longer be available for new supply.

The FTTP Priority Exchange Rollout programme allows Openreach to transition to alternative products earlier.

When FTTP gets to 75% availability within a certain area, Openreach can designate that exchange as a Priority Exchange. At that point, notice is given to stop the sale of copper-based products at premises where FTTP is available. If you want a new service or you want to switch suppliers, you will only be able to buy FTTP irrespective of whether you would prefer another service.

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