Are you too trusting?

How online criminals use your trust to scam you

How online criminals use your trust to scam you

For a long time scammers have used Social Engineering techniques to get you to trust them, with a view of convincing you to give away money or confidential information.

Some of the ways in which they may do this, are:


Using fake emails to extract sensitive information, or install malware. Usually these will come under the guise of a friend, colleague, or a trusted organisation.


Also known as voice phishing. Vishing is a form of scamming in which the victim is tricked into giving up sensitive data like bank account details, over the phone.


Short for "SMS phishing". Smishing is a scam which operates through text messages.  The perpertrator will tirck the victim by making the message look like it comes from a friend, family member, or well known organisation.

Remote Access

A criminal may look to trick you into letting them take control of your device. They may do this by getting you to click a link in an email or by downloading an app.


A scammer may look to apply pressure - to get you to pay for something quickly, for example, or through a supposed "limited time offer". Their view is to panic you into making a decision without thinking it through.

What to look out for:

Scammers are always looking for new ways to conduct their activities, but you can help yourself by looking out for a few key points.

- Double check that the person, or organisation, contacting you is genuine - caller IDs and email addresses can be spoofed.

- Does the price, offer, or sale seem too good to be true?  If so, it probably is.

- Don't download apps, documents, or click links you weren't expecting.

- Take time to think about whether an email, phone call, text or attachment is genuine.

- Be wary of calls, or texts, to say antivirus software has expired, or is out of date.

- Always use secure payment methods.

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