Microsoft 365, Azure & Cloud Services

Cloud has become somewhat of a buzzword regarding IT and communications, let us help you make sense of what it is and how it can help your organisation. Microsoft’s Office programs, including Word, Excel and Outlook, have progressed into the cloud based Office 365 ecosystem. These tie in with the cloud migrated back end solutions many organisations use in their everyday business.

Exchange Online is the next stage of Microsoft’s successful email and groupware platform, allowing your organisation’s emails, calendars and contacts to be held safely in the cloud with included spam and malware filtering.

Microsoft Teams allows secure instant messaging, communication and telephony and many other items of functionality for collaboration. Separate to the Microsoft platform, we also offer Hosted IP Telephony, allowing you to have your PBX (telephone system) held reliably in the cloud and taking the burden out of expensive PBX equipment hosted in your premises.

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Windows Virtual Desktop solutions, completely moving your infrastructure to the cloud.

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