Superfast Broadband (FTTC)

Fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables to help increase the speed of your broadband connection.

It is often referred to as ‘super-fast broadband’ as it offers faster speeds than have been available to date using older generation networks (ADSL).

FTTC is the most popular variant of fibre broadband, and stands for Fibre to the Cabinet (or Fibre to the Curb)

Fibre optic cables run from the Telephone Exchange to a street cabinet, from here it is linked to homes and businesses through the copper network.

Removing part of the copper network reduces the resistance on the line meaning FTTC broadband is a great solution for faster Internet speeds for businesses.

FTTC is perfect for businesses surfing the web, accessing email, downloading files & utilising cloud storage.

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Enjoy superfast download speeds of up to 67-80Mbps on FTTC connections,

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Removing part of the copper network results in faster speeds, and better performance

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Use your broadband as much as you need to, when you need to

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