Ultrafast Broadband (G.Fast)

G.Fast Broadband provides a fibre connection direct to the Distribution Point, offering significantly higher speeds than that of standard Broadband and FTTC, with the downstream capability of 330Mbps.

G.Fast has been developed to bring the broadband network even closer to homes and businesses by deploying additional distribution points.

This gives G.Fast the potential to provide substantially higher peak speeds than FTTC broadband and is an effective solution for premises located a significant distance from a fibre street cabinet.

Whilst FTTP remains the long-term vision, G.Fast provides an interim solution until fibre has the same coverage as copper does today.

How we Help

Fibre to the DP

G.Fast brings fibre closer to the premises than standard FTTC

Quality of Service (QoS)

Prioritise specific data, such as voice and video calls

Extra Bandwidth

G.Fast provides the downstream capability of up to 330Mbps

Improved Performance

Improved Broadband speeds for businesses struggling with lower bandwidth

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